Cutting edge engineering

At MWS-Engineering, we respond to requests from our customers in the most diverse areas of engineering, transforming challenges into feasible and economically viable projects.

We provide consulting services in the areas of construction, quality and welding, according to the different normative references, having a multidisciplinary team with expertise in the areas of Physics, Thermodynamics, Mechanics, HVAC, Technical Design, Design, Welding, Inspection, Piping and Training.


Provision of services tailored to each project

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Equipment and structures related to the metal-mechanic and energy industries

Using highly qualified technicians and strategic partnerships with leading companies in the sector, we have developed efficient, energy-balanced and environmentally sustainable projects and equipment for the metal and energy transformation industries.

Allied to these features, we have specific software that allows us to respond quickly and efficiently in a constantly changing market.


Technical consultancy in the field of welding, where quality meets efficiency

In the area of welding, the company has a team of internationally recognized and specialized technicians who provide excellent service in the sector and who work to ensure that our customers achieve the best results in the production process.

We make available to our technical customers that not only do all the documentary work, but also guarantee its practical feasibility, ensuring the quality of the process through continuous monitoring, optimizing and monetizing the product.

Certification support is one of the services provided in this area, where MWS-Group's main objective is to ensure that small and medium enterprises are endowed with the necessary requirements for correct and effective certification. This will enable them to operate in the domestic and international markets in a more efficient and economically viable manner.


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