Quality Policy

The policy reflects a set of commitments established in partnership relations and with Stakeholder's, with the main objective of strategic and sustained development to assert itself as a reference company in the technical sector supporting the metalworking and energy industry, sector and market. operates through differentiating concepts and solutions that create value for customers.

It is based on the following principles:

  1. Service oriented to customer satisfaction and loyalty, through the development and provision of competitive and differentiating services that meet their requirements, as well as applicable technical, legal and other requirements;
  2. Anticipation and diversification through careful observation of market and state-of-the-art circumstances, in order to systematically adapt its offer to its requirements, orienting its activity towards “innovation at the service of the customer”;
  3. Ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Management System and Testing Laboratory, namely those described in ISO 9001 and EN ISO / IEC 17025, ensuring the competence, impartiality and consistent operation of these and the company's activities;
  4. Promoting continuous improvement in the performance of the Integrated Management System and its processes by optimizing the allocation of available resources and technologies, as well as using best planning practices;
  5. Promotion and development of teams of professional, dynamic and highly educated technicians oriented according to the company's values, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and society in general.

The policy is revised whenever it does not reflect the general guidelines and intentions regarding the normative references of the Integrated Management System. Every year the objectives and goals are defined, consistent with the principles and policy defined above.

MWS Values


We believe that trust gives business solidity, so our commitment to customers, partners and suppliers is renewed daily.


We invest in new solutions for the technological development of our services, always attentive and constantly updating the state of the art.


With a differentiated attitude, based on standards of rigor and quality that guide our activity, we aim to achieve excellence in an increasingly competitive market.


Due to the transparency and honesty of our activities, we provide our customers with solutions that comply with all other legal and regulatory requirements.


We believe that the road to excellence does not come by itself, hence the bet on the solidity of the relationships we have established and maintained with our partners and customers.


We believe that the success of companies depends on the professionalism of their employees, achieved through rigorous training and the constant focus on trainers with high experience and professional character.